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Apartments Andrea Capacity: 1-3 person(s)
Apartments Sanda Capacity: 2-4 person(s)
Apartments Sea Capacity: 2-4 person(s)
Apartments Irena Capacity: 4-7 person(s)
Apartments Mia Capacity: 6-2 person(s)
Apartments Garden Capacity: 1-4 person(s)
Apartments Nata Capacity: 4 person(s)
Apartments Divna Capacity: 1-7 person(s)
Apartments Renata Capacity: 1-4 person(s)
Apartment Anđelka Capacity: 6-10 person(s)
Apartment Maja Capacity: 4-6 person(s)
Apartment Mary Capacity: 3-4 person(s)
Apartment Sara Capacity: 2-3 person(s)
Apartment Mary Capacity: 3-4 person(s)
Apartments Nela Capacity: 3-4 person(s)
Apartments Slavka Capacity: 4-5 person(s)
Apartments Maja Capacity: 4-6 person(s)
Apartments Mira Capacity: 4-6 person(s)
Apartments Ane Capacity: 3-5 person(s)
Apartments Val II Capacity: 3-4 person(s)
Apartments Marinik Capacity: 2-6 person(s)
Apartments Nea Capacity: 4-5 person(s)
Apartments Kate Capacity: 4 person(s)
Apartments Bellavista Capacity: 4-8 person(s)
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Apartments Nova Capacity: 2-4 person(s)
Apartments Blue Capacity: 4 person(s)
Apartments Blue - a 4 Capacity: 4 person(s)


13. June 2016. Antonja - Day of the town Novalja Antonja - Day of the town Novalja

Celebration of the Day of the town Novalja -  fitting cultural and entertainment programme

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29. June 2016. Petrova in Stara Novalja Petrova in Stara Novalja

Celebration of St. Peters day - Mass and entertainment programme

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Amphorae Amphorae

About one hundred amphorae from a sunken ancient ship were found in the Podvelebit Channel, in Vlaška Mala Bay in 2004. This valuable site under...

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Lun olive-groves Lun olive-groves

The Lun olive-groves at the northwest of the island hide some of the oldest wild olive trees in the Mediterranean. The average age of wild olive...

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The Pag lace (Paška čipka) The Pag lace (Paška čipka)

The Pag lace , distinguishes itself for its peculiarity and multitude of beautiful patterns. It is the most original island souvenir, and the...

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Unique archaeological finding Unique archaeological finding

Since the year 2009, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Town of Novalja , a systematic research has...

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