About Pag

About Pag
Pag - the whiteness of the stone, the blue of the sea, the greenness of olive-groves, the unusual island landscape pitilessly stripped bare by the bora. This is an island of strong contrasts that never leaves us indifferent, whenever we visit it. That is why it inspires us to get to know it better, invites us to discover it again, in all four seasons.

This extremely long island holds rare diversities inside. The indented coast, the numerous bays, promontories, reefs, kilometres and kilometres of beaches.

It is a space strongly that impresses the traveler, with its primordial Mediterranean scenery. Past and present are strongly interconnected here in the images of dry-walls, in the perfume of sage and heather, in the coldness of bora and the mildness on the landward breeze - maestral. 

Overlooking this marvellous island, sleeps the mythical mountain Velebit, wherefrom the unrelenting northeastern bora blows, shaping the look of the northern and the eastern part of the island throughout the centuries. The southern side is tamer and richer in flora.

Although the rhytm of the modern times is increasingly felt nowadays, the island of Pag has managed to preserve in great part its age-long beauty.


13. June 2016. Antonja - Day of the town Novalja Antonja - Day of the town Novalja

Celebration of the Day of the town Novalja -  fitting cultural and entertainment programme

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29. June 2016. Petrova in Stara Novalja Petrova in Stara Novalja

Celebration of St. Peters day - Mass and entertainment programme

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Amphorae Amphorae

About one hundred amphorae from a sunken ancient ship were found in the Podvelebit Channel, in Vlaška Mala Bay in 2004. This valuable site under...

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Lun olive-groves Lun olive-groves

The Lun olive-groves at the northwest of the island hide some of the oldest wild olive trees in the Mediterranean. The average age of wild olive...

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The Pag lace (Paška čipka) The Pag lace (Paška čipka)

The Pag lace , distinguishes itself for its peculiarity and multitude of beautiful patterns. It is the most original island souvenir, and the...

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Unique archaeological finding Unique archaeological finding

Since the year 2009, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Town of Novalja , a systematic research has...

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