About Pag


About Pag
Novalja, place of rich cultural and historical heritage, is the most important tourist destination of the island of Pag. The ancient underground aqueduct built in the 1st century is the best known tourist attraction in Novalja today. Visitors can get to know and see part of it in the Town museum. In the centre of the place are the remains of three early-Christian basilicas from the 4th century, with remains of a floor mosaic, parts of which can still be seen. Here there is also a valuable and varied archeological collection, Stomorica.

Not far from Novalja, on the way to Metajna, lays the Caska cove, where ancient Kissa used to stand once upon time. Today, only remains of what once used to be a big late-antiquity town can be seen here. 

Present day Novalja has developed into a popular tourist destination Its summers are marked by rich cultural and entertainment programmes: exhibitiones, concerts, theatre performances, picture shows. Especially attractive are performances by local folk groups and harmony-singing groups (klape) that cultivate the original vocal expression.

Today Novalja is best known for Zrće, a big gravel beach situated in the wonderful homonymous bay, that has been the centre of summer club parties for the young in Croatia for years, with an increasing number of visitors coming from Europe and from all over the world. There, in the famous clubs Papaya, Aquarius and Kalypso rich night programmes with guest-performances by the world best known DJ musicians are organized each year.
This space is attractive by day for bathing, adrenaline sports, after-beach parties. 

Besides Zrće, there are several beautiful natural beaches in Novalja and its surroundings: Caska, Straško, Babe, Lokunje, Braničevica, ...


13. June 2016. Antonja - Day of the town Novalja Antonja - Day of the town Novalja

Celebration of the Day of the town Novalja -  fitting cultural and entertainment programme

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29. June 2016. Petrova in Stara Novalja Petrova in Stara Novalja

Celebration of St. Peters day - Mass and entertainment programme

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Amphorae Amphorae

About one hundred amphorae from a sunken ancient ship were found in the Podvelebit Channel, in Vlaška Mala Bay in 2004. This valuable site under...

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Lun olive-groves Lun olive-groves

The Lun olive-groves at the northwest of the island hide some of the oldest wild olive trees in the Mediterranean. The average age of wild olive...

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The Pag lace (Paška čipka) The Pag lace (Paška čipka)

The Pag lace , distinguishes itself for its peculiarity and multitude of beautiful patterns. It is the most original island souvenir, and the...

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Unique archaeological finding Unique archaeological finding

Since the year 2009, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Town of Novalja , a systematic research has...

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